Mountainburg Police Department Obtains Grant For Life-Saving Trauma Kits

MOUTAINBURG (KFSM)—The Mountainburg Police Department is doing what it can to prepare for any potential mass shooting or other tragedies. The department recently received $3,500 to purchase safety equipment for officers. Each police office now has an individual trauma kit that they will keep on them at all times. They also have kits in their vehicles.

“What we will use those kits for, if we arrive on the scene of a mass shooting, natural disaster or accident, we have the trauma supplies to save lives and help stop bleeding, to control bleeding and help open an airway, you know things like that,” said Police Chief Vincent Clamser.

The police department was able to purchase these kits thanks to a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant. MPD now has 10 kits to protect officers and care to others in need.