A Super Cloudy Start to November

For the past several days we have had a hard time kicking out these overcast skies! Granted, as we approach winter, we tend to have more clouds this time of year than in the summer, but even for November, it has been cloudier than normal.

For both NW Arkansas and the River Valley it has been cloudy more than 3/4 of the time this month so far! We've had a lot of surface boundaries linger in the area the past several days keeping the clouds around, sometimes accompanied by a lot of mist and drizzle.

According to climate data based at the Fort Smith Regional Airport, we should have some clouds in our skies only 50-60% of the time for this month.  The end of November tends to be cloudier than the beginning.  Time will tell if this is true this year, but so far, the cloudiness is off to an aggressive start!  Bad news for sunshine lovers:  Clear skies are not expected until the weekend.