Sequoyah County Deputy Cleared In Shooting Death Of Suspect Speaks Out

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MULDROW (KFSM) -- Sequoyah County Deputy Christian Goode said he is ready to return to work after being stabbed twice by a suspect.

"I'm ready to be back. Healing has taken a little while which everybody has told me it was going to. I'll be sore for awhile, but I'm looking forward to coming back," Goode said.

Goode will officially return to work Nov. 27.

He is set to return after being cleared Tuesday (Nov 15)of any wrong doing in the shooting death of suspect Philip Trammell. The Sequoyah County prosecutor cleared Goode.

In October Goode and a Muldrow officer were serving an arrest warrant on Trammell at a home off Enid Street in Muldrow.

"It happen to be my Friday for the week and they were nothing out of the ordinary warrants... the plan was to just go by there and make the arrest and come back to the office. I had other things to do. Within a very short period it changed," Goode explained.

Body camera footage reveals those moments when officers enter the home to search for Trammell. The video shows Trammell popping out of a pile of laundry.

Officers demanded Trammel to show his hands and surrender, while Trammell yells that he will kill them.

Trammell, armed with a knife, lunged at Goode. Goode was stabbed through his bullet-proof vest and later rushed to a nearby hospital.

For safety, Goode shot Trammell. Trammell was later pronounced dead at the scene.

"This is not something I ever wanted to do, but I feel this was the only thing that I could do. That is the reason I am here today," Goode said.


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