Clean Up Underway After Downtown Van Buren Transformed Into Movie Set

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VAN BUREN (KFSM)— The entire downtown streets of Van Buren were transformed into a movie set for the filming of a movie called "The Riot Act."

Van Buren city leaders said the movie was set back in the 1900s, and the era meant turning the paved streets into dirt streets.

Van Buren Chamber of Commerce board member Joe Hurst said the city was happy to bring the dirt in for the filming.

“We want to be accommodating as much as we can to help out in any way because we know that it has an economic impact on the community,” Hurst said.

Hurst said the dirt was removed by the city street department after filming wrapped and will now be used as part of a trail project the city is currently working on.

While city leaders said they will need a few more days to remove a film of dirt on streets and posts still left behind, business owners are helping by sweeping dirt and mud away from their front doors.

“I’m trying to get the mud that gets tracked up because of all the dirt, people coming up here with their boots. It’s just part of the game I guess," said business owner Clinton Allison.

While complete clean up may take a while longer, most business owners said it was worth it.

“It was interesting to see the dirt streets, the horses and everything go up. It looked nice,” Allison said.

Van Buren city leaders said they were told the movie will come out next year and likely make its way onto Netflix in October 2018.