Southside High School One Of Six Arkansas Schools Piloting Drone Program

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Drones are quickly becoming the norm in the skies above, and one local high school is among the first in the state teaching students all about them.

Grant Brewer has 75 students at Southside High School in Fort Smith taking his basics of drones class. Southside is one of two schools in Fort Smith and six in the state piloting the class.

"They're learning how to build drones," Brewer said. "They're going to become a one stop shop where they can learn how to build drones from the ground up. People think that we're just playing, but we're really doing a lot of learning."

It is not just building the drones that has some students excited about the class.

"I want to major in film when I go to college and I'm thinking this class can help me a lot," student Jaylan Bouarivahn said.

Brewer said that after students complete two years in the class, they will be FAA certified. This means they can start to earn money in their work with drones.

"It's not really the days of having a summer job of going out and mowing yards. Now we have students that can go out and have a summer job of flying drones and doing real estate photos and videos," Brewer said.

Brewer said he is hoping to have 120 students total next year in six different classes. He is also looking for business partners to work with the students.

Northside High School is the other Fort Smith School teaching this program.

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