Flavors of Fall: Village Inn

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For this week’s Flavors of Fall Megan Graddy visited the Village Inn at Fayetteville where they are inviting everyone to come celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

Alice Walker is a proud employee of Village Inn and said pie, it their thing.

“Well a typical season November and December around two to three thousand pies,” said Alice.

Village Inn is known for their large variety of flavors and free pie Wednesday!

“Well they are made here in the restaurant, we’ve got so many different variety from our fruitabulous pie, to our cream pie so I think we’ve got a taste for everybody,” said Alice.

But have you heard about their holiday featured pies?

“We have three different pumpkin pies that are available in November, we have our normal pumpkin, our pumpkin crème, and our pumpkin supreme,” said Alice.

And their best seller…

“French Silk the Chocolate French Silk is a really popular pies, it’s also a nationally awarded pie and of course you can’t go wrong with our country apple,” said Alice.

Village Inn makes it easy to pick up your favorite holiday dessert…

“I would recommended that you either call into the restaurant and they will have them ready for you, or you can actually even order them online.. we usually try to keep our pie case as full as possible, we might not be able to guarantee that your favorite pie will be there, if you don’t but, if you want to run in and pick up a pie we will have something for you, absolutely,” said Alice.

Aside from Village Inn’s award winning pies they are offering a special holiday selection to go along with their regular menu options.

“Your choice of grade A turkey or ham steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, bread and butter, dressing and gravy, cranberry relish, and of course pumpkin pie,” said Alice.

“Good quality food, fresh made to order, at a great price, and something for everybody, in a super environment, you can’t ask for more than that,” said Alice.

Village Inn is offering holiday catering meals as well…

“You can order it for 6, 12, 18 or more people; it includes everything traditional that we offer in a single meal,” said Alice.

If you haven’t been to Village Inn, you will soon be a regular, but nobody can top the loyalty one very special customer they have.

“Since they’ve been open and that’s been 20 years, yeah about 20 years.”

Jimmy said he was their very first customer; however he didn’t know he made himself the first customer by walking in before the restaurant had even opened yet!

“The manager came over and said I’m sorry fellas, but we aren’t open yet, and we said we were just hoping to get a cup of coffee, and the manager said well I think I can help with that…we have been friends ever since, and I have been going to eat breakfast there every day since then,” said Jimmy.

Besides their holiday menu, everything else will stay true at Village Inn…

“We’re going to be open from 6am to midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which is our typical opening hours; Village Inn loves our customers,” said Alice. “You are not going to miss out on any type of taste on Thanksgiving, it’s the same taste from our kitchen at it is from grandma,” said Alice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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