Flavors: The Popped Popcorn Company, Only At 917 Garrison Ave Fort Smith

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors. Today we are back at our favorite popcorn shop in downtown Fort Smith, The Popped Popcorn Company. Let’s see what new flavors that Jane Powell has for us this time.

“The store was started in the 1970s by the Kistler family, when they started it was originally known as SB Popcorn. We are about to celebrate our 10h anniversary of owning this store. We are open year-round at 917 Garrison Avenue in downtown Fort Smith, our location is Fort Smith is the only location that you can get our popcorn,” said Powell.

And they are known for being fresh and fast!

“Come in order your corn of any of our 31 different flavors and walk out the door with it right then,” said Powell.

Each year they try to introduce a new flavor or flavor combination.

“We have our Peppie’s Pizza and our ranch like we said it’s the most popular combination that we have of our newest flavors,”

Their tins come with a bonus of combining multiple flavors.

“In our one gallon you can mix two flavors if you would like and starting in the two gallons and up we can do any combination of flavors you can choose either one flavor, two flavors, or three flavors,” said Powell.

And they can ship their corn anywhere in the world!

“And if you have a loved one serving overseas in the military or if they just have an APO we are also able to send them a little piece of home even though they aren’t here,” said Powell.

Be sure an ask about their fundraisers too!

“During the summertime and throughout the year we do fundraisers with our schools, churches, leagues, ball teams, you name it. If you are trying to raise money for an event we will work with you and we hear from everyone who has done it that it’s the easiest fundraiser they’ve done,” said Powell.

And the Powell family plans on passing on this family tradition from one generation!

“Just look for our logo and you will know the quality and the love and pride that was put into that popcorn that you are about to eat, and it was made in downtown Fort Smith at 917 Garrison Avenue,” said Powell.

From the Popped Popcorn family to your home this is Megan with 5NEWS for this week’s Flavors.

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