Arkansas Gas Prices Lower Than National Average But More Than In Recent Years

ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- As those traveling this Thanksgiving grab their luggage and head out the door, they may want to make sure they have a bit more cash for gas than in previous years.

Although state gas prices are below the national average, gas prices in Arkansas are more than they've been since 2014, the site GasBuddy projects.

Gas prices in Arkansas are on average 25 cents below the national average at $2.53 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. During 2016, national prices were $2.13 per gallon, which was an increase from 2015 at $2.05 per gallon.

In 2016, the average fuel price in Arkansas was 39 cents less than 2017.  In fact, during 2016, state gas prices were cheaper than in several recent years.

To get these statistics, GasBuddy surveyed and compared nearly 2,000 Arkansas gas station prices, as well as compared those prices to other state prices.

National surveys project that travelers will be taking longer road trips even though gas prices have increased within the past three years. The surveys also reveal that 20 percent more people are traveling than in past years.

Tips to perhaps consider while choosing a place to stop are to look at gas prices and watch out for state lines, as gas prices will most likely increase and decrease due to differing state taxes.

Another tip to consider is avoid gas stations near highways because those stations normally increase prices, according to GasBuddy.