Dog In Recovery After Being Shot With Arrow

VAN BUREN (KFSM) — Police are searching for the person responsible for shooting a dog with an arrow.

"Who would do that to a dog?", Colt Richmond, Van Buren Animal Control asked. "It's very inhumane."

The dog was found on Park Ridge Drive after being shot.

"We got there and the dog's got two holes," Richmond said. "Looked like an entrance and exit wound in the neck, bleeding profusely."

Veterinarian Randy Hubbs said the arrow luckily missed vital parts of the dog.

"I gave him an anesthetic, cleaned it up, put a drain in it and sutured it up," Hubbs said. "(I) put him on antibiotics and pain medicine."

Although police say this is an isolated incident, the vet said he has seen injuries like this before.

"During hunting season, you see some of that," Hubbs said. "There's gunshot wounds and there's arrows, too. They do damage."

Police believe someone in a deer stand may have shot the dog for disturbing their hunting ground based on the location of the wound.

Neighbors also took to social media to voice their concern:

Police said they are hoping to find the person responsible, but animal control said it doesn't seem likely.

"If you know somebody who is bragging about it," Richmond said. "But, no one is gonna come forward and say they shot a dog with a bow and arrow, that's just not gonna happen."

As for the dog's condition, Hubbs said he's doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.

Those with animal control said the owners have come forward after seeing the dog's photos on social media. The owners told police the dog has gotten out before, but never had an injury like this.

If you know anything about this incident, you are urged to call the Van Buren Police Department at 474-1234.

To view the police department's original Facebook post, click here.