Metabolic Research Center – Eating Healthy Through The Holiday – Phase 11

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Let's catch up with Bobby Swofford and his journey to a healthier lifestyle, this week Sandy discusses eating through the holiday.

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have a lot of specials going on we do want to see our clients before and after the holiday; we made a game plan for the holidays for when we spend time with friends and family,” said Sandy.

Bobby said they have a great holiday program.

“They gave me some good recipes to make and take to parties,” said Bobby.

Sandy encourages those who want to get started to take advantage of their sales now.

“We will have wonderful specials through Cyber Monday,” said Sandy. “This is the best time of year to sign up the specials are amazing this week.”

Bobby encourages others to take the leap and join the program.

“I would definitely recommend Metabolic Research Center to anyone who’s wanting to make a lifestyle change you may lose a few pounds by the first of the year,” said Bobby. “I mean the program's really easy; you have to make changes, but it's all about wanting to and the support they give you is tremendous and I would recommend anyone wanting to make a change to the program.”

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