WATCH: Police Release Video Of Razorback Quarterback Arrest

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Fayetteville police have released dash cam video of the arrest of Razorback quarterback Cole Kelley.

Kelley was arrested Nov. 12 in on suspicion of DWI, violation of implied consent and reckless driving.

He was pulled over on Wedington at about 4 a.m. for a traffic stop after the passenger side tires of his truck hit a curb, according to a preliminary police report.

"Are you arresting me for running up on a curb? That's against the law?," you can hear Kelley ask the officer in the back of the cruiser. "Is there  any way we can, like call my parents because my mom is going to freak out when we talk to her about this."

Kelley was asked to perform a sobriety test and because of a brace on his right foot he was not asked to walk and turn, according to the report. He refused a breathalyzer test and said his parents told him not to provide a sample for a test unless he was required to do so. Kelley was then arrested and taken to the Washington County Detention Center. He was later asked to provide a urine sample and he agreed, according to the report.

He was suspended from the team, but was reinstated to play Monday (Nov. 20).

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