Adventure Arkansas: Riding Mount Kessler With Phat Tire

This week for Adventure Arkansas, I hit the trails of Mount Kessler in Fayetteville with Allie from Phat Tire Bike Shop. She took me on my first ever mountain biking ride and she sure did not take it easy on me.

“I think I’m losing her, she’s fast,” said Matt.

Allie then took me through one of her favorite spots.

“The tree and the rock, like the big rock, yeah it’s not my friend; that’s what I call the combo,” said Allie.

The rugged terrain was difficult and fun, but sometimes I had to cheat a little.

“Don’t tell her, but I’m walking through the combo,” said Matt.

I'm not sure how I was supposed to fit myself and my bike through this,” said Matt. “We'll keep it our secret that I walked through.”

Eventually, we arrived at a beautiful spot next to some bluffs.

“Just like any other skill, it’s nice to go with people who are better than you and then you can see what lines they chose, or how many gears they clicked before they went up that climb so it’s always nice to have that group of people to ride with.

If you have never mountain biked before, Kessler is not for beginners, but she says their shop can help get you up to speed with tours and clinics!

Phat tire bike shop does tours you can make a reservation for rental bikes if you need it we really want to give the experience of having a guide or two guides, with a bigger group at least. needing a sweep, but having all of that so you can just go and enjoy the experience of mountain biking on the trails,” said Allie. “Now people are hearing about how cool Kessler is and it’s a great way to showcase Fayetteville.”

With Adventure Arkansas and biking the mountains where you live, I'm 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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