Salvation Army Invites People In Need To Thanksgiving Meal

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- While many people gathered at the table for a big Thanksgiving feast, some don't have a table or food to eat.

The Salvation Army invited those in need to be their guest on Thanksgiving.

Volunteers cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal with dressing and all the sides. They took people's orders and served the food just how a restaurant  would.

Perry Schaffer and April Somers spent Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army in Bentonville. They are bell ringers who became friends about a year ago. "She's the only family I've got," said Schaffer.

Somers said she and Schaffer are both homeless and depend on the Salvation Army for their basic needs, including a warm bed and food.

"If we didn't have the Salvation Army we would probably be stuck outside in a park somewhere," said Somers. "We're thankful for the Salvation Army."

To volunteer at the Salvation Army or make a donation call (479) 521-2151.