Thanksgiving Ends With Black Friday Shopping For Some

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Once the plates had been cleaned of turkey and stuffing, many in Fayetteville took to various stores to score some Black Friday deals.

For Serafina Manfre, this meant waiting outside Best Buy for about three days with the hopes of getting a 50 inch Sharp television for about $180.

“Well when I lived in Alabama, when you went to a Best Buy for Black Friday, people would line up four to five days in advance with tents and everything," Manfre said. "I wanted to make sure I was first in line. I didn’t know how it worked here.”

She wasn't the only one waiting for that television.

Many others said they had their eyes on that one deal, but planned to look around a bit to see what else they had.

Just a few people down the line from Manfre was Xander Harris.

This year was the first time he decided to go out and stand in line for a deal.

He said everyone in line was nice and it was just like they were all hanging out for a few hours.

Harris said he expected something different.

“People trying to cut in line, stuff like that," Harris said. "Also probably not to get a TV but we’ll see.”

Before the doors opened at 5 that night, the line started and ended near the front doors of the store with hundreds of people in between.

The store management let customers in a few at a time before letting everyone in.

Both Manfre and Harris said they were able to get the television they wanted and called their waiting well worth it.

“Everything was really organized and we got what we wanted so it was great and we found a couple of extra things," Manfre said. "It was a great day altogether.”