Water Main Break In Mulberry Leaves Residents Without Water

MULBERRY (KFSM) -- A main line water break caused residents in Mulberry to finish celebrating Thanksgiving without water.

The break happened on Alma Ave. at 9th Street, requiring a water shut down to repair, according to the Mulberry City Limits.

"There was no way we could fix it live," Jason Brewer, Mulberry Water superintendent said. "So, we just had to turn the entire system off."

Residents were forced to find alternative ways to continue their Thanksgiving celebration.

"I called each one of [my relatives] and asked them to bring water," Lee Dickerson, resident said. "Water to flush the commode, water to drink and water to cook with."

The Dickerson family had finished most of their cooking, but had to finish a few dishes with bottled water.

"I was disappointed that I didn't have any water," Dickerson said. "We made the corn and giblet gravy with some bottled water and it turned out fine."

Water officials said the main break caused water to shoot more than 20 feet in the air.

The cause of the break is unknown at this time, but officials say it could have been a number of things.

"Just time," Brewer said. "A lot of our lines like most towns are older, pressure spikes, water hammer, bad materials. Materials deteriorate over time."

But despite the holiday, many people from the community came together to get the water turned back on.

"A lot of these people don't work for us," Brewer said. "They're just volunteers from neighboring water systems that came to help."

Officials requested that residents immediately store water in sinks or tubs until the water was restored.

Residents could see varying water pressure levels for the next few days and everyone in Mulberry is under a boil order until further notice.

That boil order will remain until the health department can approve samples.

Those with the water department said workers will be flushing the water for the next few days to get rid of anything that may have gotten into the system during the break.