Weather Won’t Be The Reason For Your Travel Delay

Fayetteville, Ark. (Getty Images)

ATLANTA (CNN) — There may be less family fighting due to “seasonal affective disorder” this year, thanks to the cool, crisp, blue-sky days ahead this weekend.

Temperatures will be moderate across the continental United States, and about 70% of the country will not see a drop of precipitation through Monday (Nov. 27) morning.

Though a few spots might get a little rain, most of the middle of the country will remain nice for the rest of this Thanksgiving holiday. So, the airlines won’t have the weather to blame for any delays.


  • Scattered showers will be possible in the Northeast.
  • Florida will be the driest it has been in days.


  • Lake-effect snow will fall close to the Great Lakes in the Northeast.
  • A steady stream of heavy rain and mountain snow will move into the Northwest.