Local Stores Say They Can’t Compete On Cyber Monday

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- The day before Cyber Monday (Nov. 27), local business owners discussed what their plans were to draw more customers to shop local.

Allison Crane owns Foxtrot and said she didn't create any Cyber Monday specific deals.

She planed to keep the one she had since Friday (Nov. 24).

Crane said it isn't even possible for them to compete with sites like Amazon or Walmart during this shopping day.

“You know when you’re looking for big deals, you’re not looking at the small boutiques," Crane said. "I think that most people when they are shopping locally, they’re not trying to get the biggest discounts or the best deals because they realize it’s a small business, it’s locally owned and operated.”

Crane said Foxtrot sells some items on Amazon, but the site takes a portion of the money from that sale.

She explained that usually the items you see on the site that are a part of a deal come from Amazon and not a local business like hers.

Jennifer Creel is the owner of Terra Tots located on the Fayetteville Square.

She created two discount codes customers can use when they checkout online.

In the past, Creel said business has decreased on Cyber Monday, but hopes that changes.

“So this year I have hopefully planned ahead and have implemented some strategies where I can offer more savings and that I have advertised them long enough and put them in the right places to where people can see that they can shop local," Creel said.

She wanted shoppers to know that when money is spent at a local store, that money stays in the community to fund various projects.

Creel said her store and other local businesses can provide something that a site like Amazon cannot.

“I hope that my customers recognize the value in my experience as being a midwife and also as being able to use the products cloth diapers, carriers and apothecary things and answer their questions and that that so much value," Creel said. "Plus a consistent friendly face in the downtown neighborhood.”

Both business owners said Small Business Saturday is a huge help when it comes to making sales during this big shopping weekend, but said they could not say that it balances out the business they don't get on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.