Local Schools Petition State For An Early Start Date For Next School Year

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- A number of school districts across our area are petitioning the Department of Education for an earlier start date next year.

Right now the schools start date is set for August 20th.  But teachers and school officials are willing to trade an extra week of vacation to start a week early on Monday Aug. 13th.

"Yes it does cut the summer a little bit short but not by much." said Springdale school official Rick Schaeffer.

Mom of third grade twins and Kindergarten teacher Shana Rubio is worried about how the  Aug 20th start date would impact her students curriculum schedule. The late start could mean breaking up curriculum over the holiday break. "Its tough to retain everything over a semester break and if your taking your semester exams after Christmas that's really difficult"

Fayetteville schools was approved for their early start. Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville will be presenting their waivers to the state December 3rd.

Fort Smith schools says the board approved their start date for august 15th. We have also reached out to Van Buren but have not heard back yet.

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