Van Buren Police Cracking Down On Drivers Using Cell Phones In School Zones

VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- Van Buren police will be adding extra patrols to school zones during the week of Dec. 11 through Dec. 15.

The department is calling the extra attention to the area, " The No Phone Zone".

"You can not use any hand held wireless device while in a school zone," said Sgt. Frank Petray with the Van Buren Police Department. "So, that means when children are outside, in the school zones, when the lights are flashing. You can not use any type of hand held device to your ear."

The law is statewide across Arkansas, but Van Buren police said they will use the time to enforce the law like never before. Police said they will have extra patrols at all school zones and will issue tickets to those who aren't obeying the law.

"The first offense is up to a $200 fine and up to 30 days of your license being suspended," Petray said."It's a very steep fine and consequence, but I think when you realize the potential of what can follow if you don't follow the law, striking a child, striking a school bus, striking another car it's not that big of a consequence."

The second offense will come with a $300 fine and up to a 90 day drivers license suspension. The third offense will come with $500 fine and up to one year of a drivers license suspension.

Officers will patrol school zones in both marked and unmarked police vehicles.