Metabolic Research Center – Breaking The 30 lb. Marker – Phase 12

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“Bobby did a great job he is down seven more pounds and staying consistent,” said Sarah.

This last week has challenged Bobby, but he hasn't let work affect his routine.

“The last week has been busy with the changes happening at the university, as well as the holidays, but I was able to stick with the plan and I have a lot of success,” said Bobby.

“His goal was to lose 65 pounds he's lost 30 pounds so far in 12 weeks, so he's already halfway to his goal,” said Sarah “When he hit his 10 and his 20 we roll these milestone rocks, a lot of people keep them in their car or on their refrigerator as a reminder and encouragement.”

“It's nice getting your name on the board whether it's 10, 20, or 30 pounds,” said Bobby. “You see yourself every day in the mirror, so you may not see it, but others see it and you can finally see it on the scale it's a pretty good feeling!”

“Bobby's losing an average of 2.5-3 pounds each week and he's consistent with the plan,” said Sarah.

Bobby isn't the only one noticing of the change either.

“A greeter at Walmart told me he could really tell a difference, it's really nice and gratifying,” said Bobby. “I see myself every day, I notice a change, but maybe not as much as somebody who doesn't get to look in the mirror every day.”

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