LIVE UPDATES: Severe Weather Shifting East

A strong cold front is moving through the area this afternoon. Strong t-storms will be possible across the area as we continue through the afternoon hours.

Here are live updates as we get them.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20178:17 pm

As the line of storms moves east, it appears the worst is over with the next story being the cold.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20177:51 pm

Hail from Booneville from Dawn Schlup.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20177:43 pm

Brandy Swink sent us this photo of hail in Booneville

Chris Webb December 4, 20177:38 pm

Strong storms continue to push through the River Valley, mainly east of the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line and south of I-40. The severe threat should continue to diminish into the overnight hours.  The storms will still move south and east, out of our area.

Chris Webb December 4, 20177:33 pm

Tornado Warning for Logan County has been cancelled.  Rotation has broadened, meaning it is no longer tight enough to potentially produce a tornado.

Chris Webb December 4, 20177:22 pm

Heavy rain and frequent lightning is pushing through the River Valley at this hour.  

Chris Webb December 4, 20177:19 pm

A tight circulation is heading towards Paris and Driggs right now.  

Chris Webb December 4, 20177:18 pm

A Tornado Warning is in effect for Logan County until 7:45PM.  Radar Indicated.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20176:59 pm

We’re continuing to watch the storms across the River Valley. The severity continues to be low as the storms move east. With the loss of daytime heating it will be difficult to maintain storm intensity and a weakening trend is expected to continue. 

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20176:31 pm

By 9pm all of these storms will be long gone

Chris Webb December 4, 20176:21 pm

Much colder weather filters in for Tuesday morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 

Chris Webb December 4, 20176:02 pm

6pm update… storms seems to be cycling and weakening in intensity. 

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20175:42 pm

Hail in Bella Vista from Ginger Chenoweth 

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20175:37 pm

Likely no additional watches issued after 9pm per SPC

Rick Bagley December 4, 20175:37 pm

Sequoyah County Emergency  Management: Power lines down in Sallisaw, drivers should be careful driving in that area.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20175:03 pm

Tracking weak rotation in Benton County Storm. Severe T-Storm warning remains in effect until 5:30pm 

Chris Webb December 4, 20174:53 pm

SEVERE T-STORM WARNING for Benton County until 5:30pm. Main Hazards are 60 mph winds and nickel sized hail.

Chris Webb December 4, 20174:34 pm

SEVERE T-STORM WARNING for Sequoyah County until 5:15pm. Main hazards are 60 mph winds and 1.00″ hail.

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20173:41 pm

New Severe Watch until 9pm

Garrett Lewis December 4, 20173:30 pm

Here’s a look at storms as of 3:30pm