Boil Order Issued In Mansfield After Storm Damages Water Tower

MANSFIELD (KSFM) -- A boil order has been issued in Mansfield, Mayor Larry Austin said.

Austin said that wind from storms Monday night (Dec. 4) damaged the top of the water tower.

The Arkansas Department of Health told the mayor to issue a boil order.

Ken Swilling with public works says they plan to patch the damaged areas to get the city up and running again. "We should have it repaired probably in the next six, eight, or ten days."

For now about 2,000 people are suffering until the roof is restored.

The effects of the storm were evident for homeowners in the area. A tree was left split in half and the back yard was left in shambles. "The wind started blowing really hard and we heard loud scraping noises I thought the roof was coming off the house." said Harold Musgrove.