Arkansas Students Hopeful As Chad Morris Named Head Coach

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The University of Arkansas hired former SMU coach Chad Morris as Head Hog Wednesday (Dec. 6).

Many students on campus said they were happy that a coaching decision has happened.

Student Phillip Braden said he was surprised at the decision because he really wanted coach Mike Norvell from Memphis. He said he knows Morris has some pretty big wins for SMU and that he turned the program around.

"I think if he gets in his groove and gets a good support system, I think he can get some good recruits from Texas since he's worked there before which will be helpful," Braden said. "...The new AD, I think they can work together and kind of turn this program around hopefully."

Braden said he hopes there will be changes in the near future, and that people will support Morris and the football team.

Student Sam Vasquez said he didn't know much about Chad Morris, but after researching and finding out he coached at Clemson and recruited Deshaun Watson, he said he knew he could have potential as a Razorback.

Watson was the quarterback who led the Clemson Tigers to a national championship during 2016. Vasquez said he thinks Morris deserves a fair shot from Razorback fans.

"It will be interesting. I think it might be a learning experience but since he's been a coordinator for Clemson, I think he could certainly know the competition or know the competition very well and know how to compete," Vasquez said.

Many students on campus said that Morris' lack of coaching in the SEC will not be a problem for the new Head Hog.

"He runs a spread offense, which Bobby Petrino ran and was successful with, so I feel like if he implements that here that we will be successful," student Hunter Paddie said.

Only time will tell how Morris will lead the Razorbacks, but for now, students on campus say we need to give him the chance he deserves.