Adventure Arkansas: Lollis Tree Farm, The Perfect Christmas Tree

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This week for Adventure Arkansas, I took the Adventure Subaru to the Lollis Tree Farm in Rudy to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Every year the Haunert family loves to pick out their own tree because they say it’s much better than a fake one.

“Do you usually do a real Christmas tree every year,” said Matt.

“Yeah, yeah we’ve been trying to, said the Haunert family. “Just the smell is amazing, you know and it doesn’t really last when you get the little-scented sticks that you put in the fake tree and it’s the not same thing.”

Not only are the smells amazing, but the experience of finding the perfect family tree is a lot of fun! Owner buddy Lollis loves to see families come to his farm to see his Christmas trees.

“Oh yeah, all ten thousand of them and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy doing all these years, said Buddy Lollis, Owner of the tree farm.

He also had some special tips for new real-tree buyers.

“A tree will keep good for four weeks if you water it and hot water the first week, and that helps melt that sap, and then the tree will take more water,” said Lollis.

Eventually, the Christmas tree hunters found the perfect tree.

“I think we like this one, said the Haunert family.

“Just come on out and we’ll find one to suit you, somewhere out there and cut it the way you want it,” said Lollis.

It’s not too late to find a real Christmas tree this season! Buddy said he’s open until December 22nd.

With adventure Arkansas and searching for the perfect Christmas tree where you live, I’m 5news meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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