Best Quotes From Chad Morris’ Introductory News Conference

FAYTTEVILLE (KFSM) — Chad Morris was introduced as the head football coach at the University of Arkansas Thursday (Dec. 7).

Here are some of the best quotes from the press conference:

“So now we get to do something special in the greatest conference in the country and build one of the greatest programs in the country. We get to lock arms and we get to do it together. We will become the model program for all others to follow.”

“To our high school football coaches in the state, we’re here for you. This is your university, we’re here for you. We want to make your life better. We want to make your job better. We’re here for you, we need you. I need you, and we’re gonna lock arms together with you to make sure we all  benefit and we see this program rise to the top as such a historic program it’s been and get back to where it was in 1964.”

“The Razorbacks of the past, I got a plan. I need you. I need you to be a part of this, this is your home. We’re gonna make a special effort daily to welcome you back. We want you here, we need you here.”

“Best is the standard at the University of Arkansas in every aspect of our program as we go forward.”

“The culture of Arkansas football will be about winning championships. To win championships you have to develop champions, and not just on the football field but in the everyday life. Champions as people, champions as students, and champions as players. All three go hand in hand. Being a champion is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.”

“It’s an honor, it’s a privilege to be the head football coach at the University of Arkansas. The one thing you’ll never have to do is, you’ll never have to tell me go. You may have to tell me whoa, but you’ll never have to tell me go. We’re gonna put it in the left lane and we’re gonna put the hammer down. We’re gonna have fun.”