Coach Morris’ Family Excited To Be Razorbacks

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Coach Chad Morris' family got on stage and called the hogs for the first time as he was officially announced as the new head football coach Thursday (Dec. 7).

Paula Morris said she's excited at this opportunity and they are ready to get to Fayetteville and get to work. She said their families are very supportive in their big move.

“They will come and they will be the biggest Razorback fans. I'm sure they are already changing flags out and T-shirts out. So that's what makes it easy is our family is so supportive,” she said.

Morris said her favorite part of being the coach's wife is getting to meet the recruits and having a relationship with the players.

“We've been very blessed through his high school and college career of having great players and wonderful parents, and so we look forward to building our Razorback family,” she said.

She said she loves watching the football team play on Saturdays, but to her they are more than football players. She said they love getting to see them grow as a person and as young men.

“Sometimes we forget that they are soaking it all in and they are aware of us being around and the coaches modeling to them what a husband looks like, what a father looks like and that's really what it's all about,” she said.

Mackenzie and Chandler Morris said being in the SEC is like nothing they've ever experienced, and they are ready for the wild ride.

“The only different thing about me is I'm a girl that knows a lot of football, probably more than most guys know. But, other than that we are just normal kids really. He plays football, I played volleyball in high school and I go to a big college and we're pretty normal,” Chandler said.

Mackenzie is a junior at Texas A&M and Chandler is a sophomore at Highland Park High School, where as you can guess he also plays football.

“The SEC the fan bases are passionate and stuff. The games are bigger and mean more and everyone just cares, it's just going to be fun,” he said.

Paula Morris said they won't be making the big move to Northwest Arkansas until Chandler finishes up the school year.