Local Church Brings Nativity To Northwest Arkansas

CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- A local church has created a live Nativity scene outside of their building for people to hear the story of Jesus Christ's birth. Those with the church said it's the first time they've done this.

Affiliates of the Lakeview Baptist Church said there has been a lot of negative publicity in the city and they wanted to give the community something positive.

Shieldnight said along with bringing something nice to the community, they wanted to let people know the true meaning of Christmas.

“Jesus is the reason for the season," Shieldnight said. "Period.”

The display starts at 6 p.m. and goes to 8 p.m. from Thursday night to Sunday night.

About 100 volunteers will be acting out the scenes throughout the four days that the display will be up. Dixon said these people have been amazing in helping.

“It takes hours of work," Pastor of Youth and Assimilation Tyler Dixon said. "I know our lead guy has put in the blueprint, the plan for it all. It has taken 100 plus people to put it together. We hope to have 100 plus cast members tonight or through out this weekend.”

Dixon explained the crew spent days on the six scenes from the story.

They tried to get most of the work completed early but the weather caused some hurdles.

“Monday’s wind took what work we had set up on Saturday and pretty much demolished it," Mark Smittle volunteer and member of the church said. "We lost three of our tents... (they) got crushed by the wind."

Associate Pastor Mark Shieldnight  added, “It was frustrating; very frustrating. We’re not going to let Satan defeat us, so we picked up and started all over again.”

Another challenge they faced was filling up the manger with animals. Dixon explained some of the church members had many of the animals they needed but sheep were hard to find.

"We found a few I think because shepherds have to have sheep," Dixon said.

Anyone who want to see the display will be able to drive through the scenes.