Metabolic Research Center – Ribbon Reveals Inches Lost – Phase 13

“He is now down a total of 30 pounds and exactly 30 inches as well,” said Sarah.

“It's been 4 or 5 years ago the last time I've been down to this weight, over time it kept adding on and one day I woke up and thought I should probably change this,” said Bobby.

“He's down another pound this week so that's pretty typical after coming off a week of that great of weight loss,” said Sarah. “We normally see a plateau or maybe down a pound or 2 so he's done really good.”

“I see myself every day, so I don't see the transformation as much as other people might, but the clothes are starting to get a little bit roomier and that's always nice,” said Bobby. “The ribbons represent the inches I've lost, the white one is today, and it goes from six to 30 inches, so it's quite a bit of a change for me.”

“We want to give them a visual of how many inches they've lost so they can compare them and see the results as they go,” said Sarah.

“I do see myself so I don't see the inches coming off, but the ribbons show the progression and it's a nice visual and tool that they have to implement to see that because you don't see it until you see a big picture thing like that,” said Bobby.

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