Police: Three-Year-Old Girl Dead, Man Arrested After Pajama Dispute

UPDATE: Vaden pleaded not guilt (Dec. 27). 

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — A three-year-old is dead and a man is in jail following a fight about pajamas, according to police.

Jayda Kyle, 3, was found unresponsive in her bedroom Nov. 27. She was taken to Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, Mo. where she later died.

Jalen Vaden, 22, the live-in boyfriend, has since been arrested. Vaden faces charges of abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death, and second-degree murder.

According to investigators, Vaden was upset that the girl didn’t want to wear pajamas. He is accused of throwing her onto a bed and onto the floor several times, which caused her to hit her head, CBS affiliate KOAMTV reports.

Vaden allegedly threw her face-first onto the floor. She had blood on her when found, KOAMTV also reports.

Read court documents, here.