Fort Smith Police Warn Of Man Posing As Police Officer

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A Facebook post that has been shared nearly 3,000 times caused Fort Smith police to step in and start and investigation.

The post came from a woman who claimed her boss was pulled over by a man posing as a police officer on Rogers Avenue. Investigators said once they looked into the matter they believed there was cause for concern.

"We do not know what this guys motivation is so it can be dangerous. Don't be afraid to call 911 if you're being pulled over by a car that is not marked in the city," said Fort Smith police officer Anthony Rice.

Investigators said they believe the woman was pulled over on Rogers Avenue where it connects with Interstate 540. They said the woman told them a white male in a black unmarked car, possibly a Chrysler 300 with a blue light on top, told her to step out of her car. Investigators said the woman refused until another officer could arrive. The woman dialed 911.

"When she went to call police the guy got in his car and left," Rice said.

Police said the description of the man is a white male, brown hair, goatee and of average height in his mid twenties to early thirties.

Fort smith Police said 99% of the time when being pulled over by a police officer in Fort Smith the vehicle will be marked and visible as a police officer.

"It's going to be blue lights on top. It's not going to be a single blue light on top of an unmarked car," Rice said.

"If you don't think it's the Fort Smith Police Department is pulling you over here in our city call us. Call 911. Verify it is a police officer. If you can't pull into a well lit area or somewhere where there is a lot of people," Rice said.

Police are asking if anyone had something  similar happen to them to call Crime Stoppers at 78-Crime.