Sharing & Caring Helps More Than 1,000 Families This Christmas

BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Thanks to the Benton County community, more than 1,000  families will have presents for their children Christmas morning.

Friday (Dec. 8), Sharing & Caring gave gifts to low income families in Benton County who wouldn't otherwise have the means to buy their children Christmas gifts.

“It's just amazing the number of people who are low income families and a lot of them are large families, but there are so many. There are a lot of women who come whose husbands are incarcerated,” Volunteer Ann Bryson said.

Bryson has been volunteering at distribution day for more than 12 years. She said it's incredible how many giving people in our area are willing to help. She said all of the volunteers love distribution day.

“We see these families and they come in and some of them are crying, some of them have written notes to Irene or to whoever to thank us for all this, that they wouldn't have anything without it,” she said.

Sharing & Caring started interviewing families in need back in October, and just last week all the gifts were brought in to be sorted in preparation for distribution day.

Instead of working in the Walmart Distribution Center Friday, Charles Borgerding volunteered at the Sharing & Caring distribution center. He said it's just a small part of what he can do to give back to the community.

“Many of them, the tears and just the joy you can see in their eyes. So it's very humbling for all of us that volunteer and we really enjoy doing that,” he said.

When the families picked up their gifts, and also were given a food box containing basic household items and a gift card for gas.