One Family Begins A Christmas Tradition “Vacation” Style

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) --  One local family is starting a new tradition -- seeing how many Christmas parades they can be in throughout Northwest Arkansas and their float is unlike most you see in Christmas parades.

The Broadbooks were in three Christmas parades Saturday (Dec. 9).  First there was the parade in Bentonville this morning, then Centerton and Gentry parades.  And they don't have a float -- they've been driving a station wagon inspired by the one the Griswold's drive in the holiday classic movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Travis Broadbooks, aka Cousin Eddie, bought the station wagon for just $500 two years ago for an Arkansas race called the Gambler 500. After the race he decided to turn it into the Christmas vacation station wagon.

'Who doesn't want to be the Griswold's in one of the greatest movies ever?"  Travis told his daughters, "I'm almost as recognizable as Santa Claus, but they disagreed with me."

Last year the Broadbooks drove their decked out ride in the Rogers parade, but this year they made six parades in all -- three on Saturday.

"It's been worth every minute," said Travis.

Travis' wife Lori was not surprised at all when her husband told her his idea.

"That`s completely the type of person he is, he`ll do anything for a laugh. The most fun part is just doing it with my kids, getting to see them having fun with all the other kids at the parade," said Lori.

Their daughter Laila said she was excited about the car until their dad took them to school in it, but she said overall they've had a lot of fun.