Flavors: River Valley BBQ Of Fort Smith

Hey guys Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors we are in Fort Smith in River Valley BBQ where they are serving up Texas style BBQ.

"We’re not going to compromise on our food, we’re not gonna change how we do things we’re going to do it fresh and we are going to deliver it as fresh as we can to each table," said Ditto.

Scott Ditto and his family take pride in their made fresh daily, cut to order business.

“We don’t try to anticipate you, we don’t get out in front and start slicing brisket because we think we are gonna 20 of them, you order it, we slice it. We just want to make sure it’s fresh and if it’s not, we're not going to serve it," said Ditto.

Their BBQ style is unique and you would normally have to go down south to enjoy it, but not anymore.

“It’s a Texas-style BBQ with a dry rub seasoning, we try to buy only to top quality meats and products and we cook it very low and very slow,” said Ditto. “All of our meats are cooked fresh every day and every evening,."

And when you order, you get a free appetizer of pork rinds!

“We want to make that effort to make sure our customer knows your not just that number that we gave you to sit at your table," said Ditto.

Their indoor smoker is one of a kind and makes for BBQ heaven…

“We try to make sure that everything we bring out of there is the best we can make it, we can cook at a consistent constant temperature and achieve what we are trying to achieve with each piece of meat," said Ditto.

Emergency crews and service members listen up.

“We offer a 10% discount for all of those folks,” said Ditto.

Be sure to follow them on social, you'll thank me later.

“We do run daily specials, we post them on our FB page each day,” said Ditto.

And they are the only BBQ restaurant in Fort Smith open on Sundays!

“We want to become a destination, I want to give you more than you expect I want you to pay a fair price, but I want you to leave feeling satisfied and hopefully taking something home with you,” said Ditto.

Don't  forget about their complimentary ice cream after your meal!

“When you’re here your family, but we promise not to ask you to do the dishes,” said Ditto.

For this week's Flavors, I'm Megan Graddy.

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