Viewers Spot Santa Claus Driving An Ozark Regional Transit Bus

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Christmas is right around the corner and it seems that Santa Claus is popping up everywhere. We spotted Old Saint Nick driving an Ozark Regional Transit bus around Fayetteville.

Every December bus driver Steve Blake reveals his true identity, "First of all, I am Santa Claus."

Most people aren't sure what to make of it when the red suit greets them at door.

"There was a sparkle in his eye, I knew something was special. I just didn't know how special it was until this week when I realized it was Santa driving," Alisha Elischer said.

With less than two weeks until Dec. 25, you might want to make sure you're being nice before time runs out.

"I tell them all that there's still time to get from the bad list to the good list. Most of them take that to heart and do their best from now until the big day." Blake said.

Like the carol says... you better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town, or in this case, he's been driving you around town all year.