Wounded Deputy Describes Dangerous Scott County Shootout

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SCOTT COUNTY (KFSM) -- A deputy grazed by a bullet during a domestic disturbance situation between a suspect and the suspect's mother, is sharing his story for the first time on camera.

Deputy Stacy Wieburg was shot at in the Nella Community in southern Scott County last week, according to investigators.

"I'm blessed," deputy Wieburg said. "I thank God he saved my life and gave me another day."

Sheriff Randy Shores said last Tuesday (Dec. 5), David Bentley, 47, shot at least twice at Deputy Wieburg.

"I didn't see the rifle when he pulled up to me," Wieburg explained, "and then when he reversed down the road I just followed him."

When police arrived at the scene, Bentley was driving a pickup, doing "donuts" on the road, the sheriff said. Soon after is when the shots were fired, according to deputies.

"It was a little scary not knowing how far backup was," Wieburg said.

One bullet hit Wieburg's patrol car door he was using as a shield. That gunshot grazed his right elbow. The deputy shot his AR-15 twice, but never hit the suspect.

"I just remembered a sign that's at the training academy that says, 'Train today like your life depends on it,' and it clicked you know. (I) start(ed) putting rounds down range and (went to) seek better cover,"  Wieburg said.

Once he was in a safer place, Wieburg got on the radio saying he had been hit. He said it took two minutes for backup to arrive.

In those moments, Wieburg said all he could think about was his two young children.

"I was going to go home and see my kids," he said.

He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Waldron. Several hours later, the standoff in the Nella Community ended. Wieburg said he plans to return to work Monday (Dec. 18).

"Doctors are saying it`s good to go back to work," he said. "There`s some shrapnel in there but it`d do more damage probably to pull it out."

Bentley is currently in the Yell County Detention Center facing felony charges including battery on a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault. His bond has been set at $500,000.

The suspect's girlfriend Clarice Esquilla, was also in the home during the standoff, and is being held in the Scott County Detention Center facing charges of fleeing and hindering apprehension. Her bond is set at $50,000.