Missing Pig Found And Returned To Owner

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Piggie Smalls, a teacup piglet, has been returned to his owner after a "pig-knapping" scare Tuesday (Nov. 12).

The piglets owner, Olivia Geels, said she left her pet in her car for a few minutes while in Fayetteville and when she came back, he was gone.

Not only was he missing, but his bowl, food and blanket were missing, as well.

"We searched the apartment complexes... we searched the animal shelter... we searched everywhere for him," Geels explained.

Geels said that same night, Missouri resident Dan Payne, saw the piglet on the side of the road when he was on his way home from work.

Payne said, "When I passed him, I thought it was a hedgehog so I stopped, backed up, and it was a pig".

He wrapped the piglet in a blanket and took it home. The next day, his daughter saw a Facebook post about the missing pig. The family contacted Geels

She said she's so happy to have her pet safely returned.