Santa Delivers Coal To Walmart In Protest Of Holiday Pay Policy

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — A few Santa’s were delivering coal to the Walmart Home Office Wednesday (Dec. 13) to protest the company’s holiday pay policy.

Making Change at Walmart is demanding the company bring back the holiday pay that was eliminated in 2016, according to a press release from the group.

Walmart eliminated holiday pay and replaced it with a policy where workers accrue paid time off based on hours worked, according to the release.

“If Walmart is going to be open on holidays and Walmart employees are not going to be able to spend holidays with their families, then Walmart should bring back holiday pay,” Protester James Collins said.

The protest is a series of actions where workers in 13 cities are hosting “Santa on strike” events. The Santa’s are demanding that Walmart reinstate the holiday pay or Santa will remain on strike.

Walmart released the following statement in regards to the protest:

“Walmart’s Paid Time Off program is designed to give associates more stability in their lives,” communications manager Erica Jones said. “Both full and part-time associates receive a paid day for each Walmart holiday, and it’s important that our people have the control and flexibility to decide how they use that extra paid time. At the end of the year, hourly associates can rollover some unused PTO and can cash out the remainder to use as they please.”