Adventure Arkansas: Garden Living Wreath Making

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and wondered if you could make some of your own Christmas decorations? Well for Adventure Arkansas this week, Meteorologist Matt Standridge took a wreath-making class to show that it could be done!

“We’ll start laying out our frame and then we’ll go from there,” Lauren Cameron. “Has anyone done a wreath class before?”

I don’t know about you, but I never had! That’s why this week for adventure Arkansas we went to a wreath-making class at garden living in Fayetteville.

“When you come in for a class we will A, provide you with all the materials that you need, and just give you hands-on guidance on how to build the frame of your wreath and just kind of buildup decorative parts of your wreath,” said Cameron. “Some hands-on guidance and merriment, maybe a glass of wine.”

If you’ve been wanting to create your own Christmas decorations, this is a perfect opportunity.

“A lot of women are crafters and don’t have time and this kind of makes them commit to coming to a class, and getting it done,” said Cameron. “As far as why you would hand make instead of buy, I think a handcrafted item is kind of a throwback to the good ole days.”

“It really is easy with the grapevine. You're just going to need to get it in deep and in whatever shape you're going, we can tie it down,” said Cameron.

After Cameron showed me some tips and tricks, I set off making my own! It was a lot of fun!

“They have their own vision... you decide if you want traditional or do you want this flow, or a partial, so they can choose which type of wreath they like the best and make that,” said Cameron.

The store is inviting and smells like Christmas. There is a patio outside and even a coffee shop, which all help to create an inviting place, for even strangers, to come and build something together.

“I think it’s community, community spirit... skill-building, bonding... it’s a great bonding exercise,” said Cameron.

Garden Living has many classes throughout the year but only a few wreath classes are left!

To sign up for a class, click here!

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With Adventure Arkansas and making some wreaths where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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