Metabolic Research Center – Incorporating Exercise – Phase 14

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“He's down another three pounds, so that takes him to 33 pounds,” said Sarah. “One thing he started doing is exercising he has joined a gym.”

“I wake up and I’m not exhausted anymore I have free time before I go to work so I’ve got the time and the energy to go to the gym,” said Bobby. “I’m not tired like I used to be.”

“He feels good adding exercise into his lifestyle now and really doing a great job with it,” said Sarah.

“Football season is in the rearview mirror so that allows me more free time, so I really don't have much of an excuse not to go and when you have energy and time that's when you show up at the gym,” said Bobby.

“We don't just push working out right away we focus on the foods, your lifestyle and as they get that and see changes, then we'll say let's talk about exercise,” said Sarah.

“I'm building up the cardio part and all in all be a healthier me,” said Bobby.

“We have holiday specials going on and it's a great time to come in and get started,” said Sarah. “Give gift cards to your friends, so they can start the new year off right.”

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