Cave Springs Council Holds Special Meeting To Discuss City Money

CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- City finances was one of the main topics during Monday's (Dec. 18) special Cave Springs city council meeting.

Much of the issue centers around transactions made by the city treasurer from one city account to another. The confusion leading to questions of misappropriation of city funds. The mayor and city councilors calling the meeting to get answers.

"Two million dollars is a lot of transfers, I mean that's a lot to transfer from fund to fund and so I just wanted an explanation and I got it tonight," said Travis Lee, mayor of Cave Springs. "I'll have to look through there and see what's really going on."

Kim Hutcherson, city treasurer and recorder, along with a temporary auditor hired by the city, explained the financial transfers and what they meant before the council in an effort to clear up confusion.

Angie Caruthers, a Cave Springs resident was at the meeting.

"There's just a lot of a lack of understanding on the council's part in terms of what financials should look like, what they're looking for, what they're looking at."

During the meeting, the city council making the decision to require city financial updates every meeting. In an effort to clear up confusion on how the city operates.

Caruthers said the lack of understanding between city branches is frustrating.

"The people who are responsible for running it don't really understand how to run the business... to run their money," Caruthers said. "I mean, it kind of makes you wonder 'how do they balance their own checkbooks if they don't understand what they're looking at in a bank statement?'"

Mayor Travis Lee says he hopes to see a resolution to all this. "Hopefully everyone stays with accountability. If we can have accountability... the city will be running smooth," Lee said.