Prairie Grove Police Catch Construction Thieves

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) -- Two men who who allegedly stole from construction sites were arrested thanks to police getting creative.

Prairie Grove Police made a video documenting how they did it and posted it on Facebook.

They had one of the contractors put a compressor in one of these open garages at a construction site to see if someone would steal it. Their thought was that someone working on the job site was probably the thief and they were right.

Sergeant Tim Standifer said on November 20th officers reportedly saw someone drive off with it, pulled the driver over and arrested two men who were contractors for two plumbers. Those two men are Jeffery Lougee and Joshua Harjo.

“They worked on several different houses. So they were able to be at a house but check out other houses that were being built at the same time and not draw any suspicion to themselves,” he said.

Standifer said they made this video because they wanted to show the public that are trying to help and also in hopes they would catch more thieves to add to it.

“It turned out that those are the only two that we got but to show a little bit proactive to show that we are trying to help and to keep the builders in our area building. It helps us if the community is growing and we want the community to grow,” he said.

Police don’t know if they were the only two stealing from these sites but since they arrested these men, nothing else has been reported missing from a job site

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