Metabolic Research Center – Passing The Halfway Point – Phase 15

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“So, this has been another great week, Bobby's down another two pounds. so that brings his total to 35 pounds,” said Sarah.

“When I started I wanted to lose about 65 pounds progress is being made plus inches gone, it's motivation to keep it going,” said Bobby.

“He's still working out and it's going very well for him and because of that, his body fat is coming down more percentages and it's increasing his lean muscle mass too,” said Sarah. When you get to the halfway point, you realize the end is near,” said Bobby. “I hate to use that old analogy, it's not that far away, but I can get to where I want to be, I think I'll be pretty happy when I get there.”

“This is a great time to do a program like this because if you can do it this time of year and be successful, you've got it made,” said Sarah. “If you can lose weight and make progress this time of year you can do this.”

“The month of December they're giving us a jingle bell for however many pounds you lose, you get to add a bell till the end of the month and then you get to keep it,” said Bobby.

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