Woman Looks For Strangers Who Helped Her During An Accident

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- A Fayetteville mother looks for the two people who helped both her and her son after she was involved in an accident Friday (Dec. 22) morning.

Ariana Thomas was driving home when it happened.

She said she couldn't talk about how the accident started just what was going through her head at the time.

“I just didn’t think we would be okay," Thomas said. "I just remember my car rolling. We’re very blessed and very lucky that we made it out safe.”

Also in the car with her was her 7-month-old son Grayson.

After the car stopped, two people came to help them both.

“I just remember a lady, I was just saying get my baby get my baby out just to make sure he was okay," Thomas said. "I just wanted to personally thank that person. I was hoping to find that person who got him out and then I remember a man trying to get me out as well.”

Thomas does not remember much about these two strangers, only that the woman drove a black car.

All she wants now is to get in touch with her two heroes so she can personally thank them for stopping and helping.

She said this was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

“They had to go through the glass, they risked themselves as well," Thomas said. "I mean there was oncoming traffic and everything. It was a big risk for them to take on.”

She wants to let these people know that she and her son are doing okay along with thanking them.

She said the best way people can get in touch with her is though Facebook or they can call her at (479)435-4712.