Local Boil Order Lifted After Nearly One Month, Residents Will Still Have To Pay Water Bills

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MANSFIELD (KFSM) -- After nearly one month, an issued boil order has been lifted, and residents will still have to pay water bills.

Mansfield was without drinking water and had been under a boil order, causing a judge to issue an emergency order in the crisis, and residents and city council members calling for the mayor to resign.

It all began after a severe storm.

During the debacle residents and city leaders said, "It's gone on long enough... it really has. It's been quite awhile since they've been doing this," Resident Jennie Griffin explained.

People in the town said during the ordeal, they not only wanted the issue fixed, but wanted answers, as they felt "left in the cold" about the issue. Some said they want the mayor to resign.

The mayor said he has no plans on resigning.

City Councilman Rick McDaniel also said he thinks the mayor needs to be replaced. "It's not just the water issue, it's the way the whole town is being run. The citizens of Mansfield deserve better than what they're getting."

However, Mayor Austin said he did all he could. "We're taking samples today and they're approved. We'll take samples probably again tomorrow and if they're clear, then Friday, we may be able to remove the boil order."

A temporary fix that was implemented was tanker trucks full of water for residents. Residents filled up jugs of water after 11 a.m. Thursday (Dec. 28). Austin said anyone interested may still come get water from the tanker trucks until it's gone.

The city said the boil order was supposed to  be lifted Dec. 22, but since there wasn't a water sample that passed state health requirements, the time for it to be fixed was extended.

A special meeting happened 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 28 at Mansfield City Hall. The boil order issue and "removal of mayoral duties" were two of the items on the agenda for the meeting. City leaders said they can't force the mayor out without a recall vote in a special election.



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