Stranger Who Assists In Rollover Incident Involving Infant Speaks Out

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- An act of kindness is bringing strangers together after a baby's life is saved.

After surviving a rollover collision, mother Ariana Thomas, has been looking for the people who helped save her baby's life.

Michael Harrod was traveling to his mother's house when he got in a wreck on College Avenue -- just days before Christmas.

He watched in his review mirror as Thomas's SUV flipped at least three times.

Harrod's first instinct was jump out of his car and help the driver in the SUV, and as he did, he heard Thomas cry out for her 7-month-old son, Grayson.

He explained that he wrestled to get the doors open before climbing into the car and taking Grayson out of his safety seat.

"At certain times, it's not all about yourself. Sometimes you have to put yourself last and help others," Harrod said.

Some may label Harrod as a hero, but throughout it all he humbly said, "... We're people and we should help people no matter what... I'd say it's a blessing because nobody got hurt."

After hearing Thomas wants to meet him to thank him for saving her baby, Harrod said he's reached out to her and is awaiting a response.

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