Governor Hutchinson Announces Completion Of Digital Map Project

HUNTSVILLE (KFSM) -- Governor Asa Hutchinson announced the completion of a new project with the Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Wednesday (Dec. 27).

The project is a new digital map that will provide updated and important information for each county in the state.

The map will show aerial images of roads, new developments, and other infrastructure projects.

The governor said this will better prepare counties for future infrastructure and economic development projects, as well as provide faster response times from local law enforcement and emergency personnel.

“The face of Arkansas is changing rapidly,” Governor Hutchinson said. “Counties all over the state are building new roads, widening existing highways, adding businesses, homes and developing entirely new neighborhoods. Having an up-to-date detailed map of our state is a key tool for economic development and expanding infrastructure as our state continues to grow."

The images are also the foundation for maps that pinpoint the location of water, power and gas lines, and administrative boundaries such as school districts or city boundaries.

To view the new mapping project, click here.