Metabolic Research Center – Holiday Meal Plan And Hitting The Gym – Phase 16

“Metabolic Research Center gave me a lot of really great recipes for the holidays and because of that I was able to stay on the plan and keep going toward my goal even though those holiday parties were in the way,” said Bobby.

“One decision he decided to make was to commit and saying I'm going to do this, I'm going to start this program, I'm going to lose 65 pounds,” said Sarah. “Like a domino effect, he started the menu, started losing weight, leading to him feeling good, having more energy, joining a gym and exercising which has helped decrease his body fat increases lean muscle.”

Sarah said he's two different sizes now and getting new clothes and feeling good about lifestyle changes.

“It's cold, but before I head to work I'm going head to the gym, my energy level is significant over the last few weeks it the will and all of it has to do with the program,” said Bobby.

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