Adventure Arkansas: Sequoyah County Eagle Watch

There’s a neat bald eagle nesting site in the River Valley and it’s broadcast online for all to see.

For Adventure Arkansas, I talked with park rangers to learn how you can see the eagles in person!

“You never know when the eggs might show up so it will be pretty exciting,” said Chad Ford, Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Have you seen this bald eagle nest camera in Sequoyah County?

You can watch the eggs hatch and the family of bald eagles grow up through the winter and spring online, or in person!

That’s why this week for Adventure Arkansas, we are meeting up with outdoor recreation planner Chad Ford at the Sequoyah County National Wildlife Refuge to learn more about their eagle tours.

“We’ll all load up on the tour bus, and it will hold about 28 people, and we’ll drive around the refuge, stop at different nesting areas, get out, we’ll put our spotting scopes on it and see what we can see. Sometimes you’ll see eagles in trees, other wildlife that are out and about and we just like to see what nature is doing that day,” said Ford.

If you come to the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, you too can see the eagle cam that’s been featured online. It’s in the middle of this field, right at the top of the cottonwood, but this is as close as we can get because we don’t want to disrespect its habitat.

“If you have your own spotting scope, bring that too, but we also provide some,” said Ford. “We have some binoculars you can borrow, and we have some spotting scopes that we’ll bring too, and everybody gets a chance to look through those.”The refuge is open every day, so in case you cannot make it to an eagle tour, the park has some reminders so that the eagles enjoy their habitat and come back for years to come.

“We want to remind people, don’t go disturb the birds, don’t walk into the field to get under the nest and get those up-close pictures, where that particular nest is, you need to stay close to the road,” said Ford.

These tours not only highlight the eagles in our area, but also other wildlife.

“We talk about other birds and other animals that are using the refuge too so it’s a good family thing to come out and do, enjoy the weather, and just have a good time,” said Ford.

If you want to flock and see the eagles in person, we have all the information on our website, in addition to the mobile-friendly link to the popular bald eagle cam.With Adventure Arkansas and watching the eagles Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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