Metabolic Research Center – DNA Testing For Custom Lifestyle Plan – Phase 17

“Bobby's doing really good coming off the holidays and he's down two more pounds and two and a half more inches, so he is starting off the New Year right,” said Sarah.

“I feel pretty good, like everybody else I'm kind of battling the holidays and my energy is starting to pick up a little bit,” said Bobby. I’m down 30 something pounds and 30 something inches so it's been a few good months.”

“We offer with our program DNA testing so we're doing it with Bobby today and we're going to do this and show his DNA,” said Sarah.

“I'm excited about it and you can take a deeper dive into what makes me, me and anything that can help move the process along to see what I'm made of,” said Bobby.

“It's a test that allows us to customize your menu by testing the five genetic markers that are related to weight loss,” said Heather. “They're all closely related, however, they each show good information; for instance, this first one deals with your regulation of your metabolism which is the feeling of satisfaction after meals.” “If you need something in addition to how you're eating and changing some of that up we can do that and learn that from these results,” said Heather.

“I fall in that category that more information is a good thing and the more you learn about something, it's got to be positive,” said Bobby.

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