Local Pediatricians Seeing Increase Among Children With Flu

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The flu season has hit hard in our state, and is proving to be deadly, as 30 people have died thus far, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.

A pregnant Fayetteville mother said she feared for the life of her unborn son after two of her children tested positive for the flu.

"I was extremely worried both about Millie Grace but about my other kids and about my husband," Mother Savannah Conners explained.

Just as the ball dropped Sunday night to ring in 2018, Savannah's 3-year-old daughter started showing signs of the flu.

Pregnant women and children younger than 5-years-old are both at high risk for developing flu-related complications, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

"It came on so quick, my husband and I were so surprised because the night before she had been playing and running around and so for her to twelve hours later just be really ill with a pretty high fever," Conners added.

Local doctors said they are seeing an increase with flu patients.

"We are seeing more cases this year than we have in the previous two years" Pediatrician Stacy Furlow said.

Anyone suspected of having the flu are encouraged to see a doctor sooner than later.